10 April

Day 3 Monday

7:40 AM
Figured out the internet issue, using the outlet on the TV port bar was causing it to cut out. Using outlet near bed solved it, I hope :). Last night, got some beers at XYZ bar and had nice chat with Carlitos from Portugal bartender, talked footy and 2004 Euro Cup Semi vs. England. Got 4 Peroni's and headed upstairs, in bed early again, good night's sleep. Don't remember placing bottles and trash in hallway last night, hehe. Sipping espresso about to hop in shower and get some breakfast on 717, room number. Planning on going downtown today to exchange currency, 800 should hit my CC today too from checking acct. Uh, I'm in London, UK bitch! :) 

4:58 PM
Wow! Went to London town today to change currency (Thomas Exchange) and then wandered.... Ended up at Greene King Pub for 2 Peroni's. Glass broke, someone at the bar, didn't order any food and mosied on. Oh, took DLR initially then tub after realizing I bought a one-way, no return. Got a day pass for 12 pounds. Decided to got to Royal College of Music in Kensington? Walked all over the place!! < 14 miles!! Took pics, tried to locate nearest pub to no avail. After more walking I decided to goto hotel. Took Piccadilly line and then the wrong platform for DLR, thanks Google. Ended up waiting for bus to Prince Regent station. Tripped on stairs, thought my heart was going to burst. Chilling in room listening to Colossus Prog Rock playlist on Spotify having Peroni I got with green vouchers. Heading back to bar eventually to order food. What-a-day! Ok, so the tube is quite confusing now, but I'm sure it will become easier after riding the trains more--oh tomorrow--rest or again? :) 

Can't describe the good feelings I'm having this moment, this second, man was today an adventure. Tube was packed on my way back to the hotel so might want to try using it when not rush hour, if possible. Hey Mom, I'm using the journal! :) Need a Carlsberg I think, heading back down to XYZ soon.