Welcome to my site!

I am a full stack engineer at a company that provides software solutions for K-12 school systems. 

An old-school gamer that comes from the ATARI 2600 era and have only been playing Nintendo consoles since 1985. 

My long love of Fulham Football Club has been a roller coaster since I started following them in the early 2000s, a year or two before they signed Brian McBride. The last couple seasons has seen us go up, go down, and then go up again. This campaign has started off on the wrong foot but we have new players that need to gel and I think we should be able to stay up this time (fingers crossed, again). And, we are probably getting relegated at any moment. Back to the Championship.

My passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers has waned over the past couple years. In fact, my following of the NFL has become bleak and poor. But my black and gold are doing well this season and I hope we can make it back to the playoffs and perform well. 

As a central Ohioan, I still love watching, and rooting for, the OSU Buckeyes football team. The BIG 10 started late but hopefully that doesn't diminish any probability of us getting to the championship. 

I went to every single home game for the Columbus Crew during their inaugural season, and followed them closely during the start of the new MLS. Nowadays, I monitor them. Personally, I think the MLS needs to adopt the European style of; no playoffs, championship is crowned on points alone.  
(this website does not get updated that often, someday that may change)

More coming.