9 April

Day 2 Sunday

Went to my first Fulham match yesterday!! Got a program, then a ticket in the Putney end. Sat next to cool chap w/ his kids, had a Carlsberg, then 2 @ half. Left 81st min, got Uber back to hotel, silent driver. Went to bar, Caroline served me Carlsberg, order pizza, got 4 Beck beers, at, went to bed. Great first day! Woke up before 6:00 AM, slept fine, room was cold. About to take a shower and got to breakfast buffet, had espresso. 

9:30 AM
Breakfast was really good but not free. Charged the room. What to do today?

10:40 AM
TV & Internet connection = horrible

2:00 - 2:30 PM
Took a walk earlier outside towards the right along side the huge excel London building. Went all the way around to train station (near it) and saw Fox Pub, big band music inside. Might go back at some point. Took pictures. Got a call from front desk about internet, it worked over phone and then stopped. After long walk, my phone didn't have WiFi, airplane mode, then worked. Internet blows here!

4:26 PM
Started watching Midnight Special and get some rest. Internet cut out, can't connect. Unbelieable. Worst internet ever! About to start drinking beer! :)